Friday, December 17, 2010

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Ang (Draco) Li


CTO _ Co-Founder

Career Interests: Entrepreneurship, Consulting, Marketing

Hobbies: Video Production, Mobile Applications Development

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Ang (Draco) Li is a Commerce student at Queen’s University, pursing his Queen’s Option in Computer Science.

Over the past several years Draco has competed in numerous international business competitions, created several highly creative commercials, and launched multiple web-based business initiatives. Currently Draco is actively developing applications for iOS devices. After learning the iOS SDK in the summer of 2010, Draco developed Pocket Database for Starcraft 2, an iPhone application that has been downloaded over 25000 times since its release. During his spare time, Draco actively follows the technology and gaming sector.

Links to Draco Li's video productions

2009 - Marketing Project - Unofficial Coke Freestyle Commercial (45s)

2008 - Marketing Project - Commercial for Coffee Company (45s)

2007 - Trailer for Self-Directed Short Film "Bodwell Newscast" (5min15s)

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